WSGR online venture financing term sheet generator

April 22, 2009

[Below is the text of a WSGR email update.]

Always looking for ways to better serve the entrepreneurial community, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati is pleased to announce the release of the WSGR Term Sheet Generator, a publicly available online tool that allows entrepreneurs and investors to generate an initial draft of a term sheet for a preferred stock financing. By answering a series of questions, users are guided through the principal variables contained in a venture financing term sheet. Brief explanations of the questions and typical deal terms are included. After answering as many questions as desired, users can generate, print, and save a Word version of the term sheet, which is intended to be useful in deal discussions between entrepreneurs and investors and in crafting a final, customized term sheet with the help of attorneys.

The term sheet generator is another example of the firm’s commitment to providing services to our clients more quickly and efficiently. Our attorneys use a more extensive version of the tool to generate initial drafts of documents for Series A preferred stock financings, including Certificates of Incorporation, Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements, Investor Rights Agreements, Right of First Refusal and Co-sale Agreements, Voting Agreements, corporate approvals, and closing documents. By using this tool, we believe that we are able to represent clients and complete transactions more efficiently. We also have a similar tool for generating initial drafts of more than 20 start-up company formation documents. In addition to document automation, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati has developed other sophisticated knowledge management and related resources that enable our attorneys to better serve clients by tapping the essential expertise and experience of the entire firm.

Users with general comments regarding the WSGR Term Sheet Generator should contact partner Yoichiro (Yokum) Taku at or Practice Resources Special Counsel Anthony Kikuta at To learn more about Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati’s entrepreneurial services, please click here.

[Update:  See below for various mentions of the term sheet generator.]

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  • Mark MacLeod

    This is totally cool! Just gave it a try and posted about it

  • davidporter

    Great concept – nice work.

  • davidporter

    Great concept – nice work.